TOM BRYAN DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Due to the diversity of work that I receive, I have been constantly testing capture solutions to understand their breaking points, to understand where the image falls apart and what circumstances or conditions a system can let me down. All of this helps me in selecting the most appropriate system of capture for the most challenging locations and conditions. For a long time, the Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5K has been my workhorse. Although limited with it's frame-rate and ISO capabilities, under adequate light, the 2.5K 12bit RAW that it delivers offers incredible dynamic range and colour fidelity for the price. It is only in the last year or so that I decided to upgrade to a more flexible system that could offer up to 5K in resolution, variable frame rates up to 300fps, much higher ISO's, and could be integrated into higher end commercial work, as well as maintain the ability to strip it right down for travel. This led me to selecting the RED Scarlet-W. The camera offers great flexibility, and can be built as big or as small as you require, from full studio configuration, to lightweight gimbal set ups, to real run and gun simplicity. People are often hesitant about working with RED as a format, but for the flexibility that the 16 stops of dynamic range REDRAW files provides in the post pipeline and the accuracy of colour, I strongly believe it offers a truly superior cinematic image. Although a lot of attention is put on the camera itself, a huge part of what gives you the access to that cinematic imagery is the accessories and equipment around it, enabling you to work faster and more efficiently, without compromising on quality. I always try and insist on employing a proper camera assisting team where appropriate, but sometimes, the budget just can't stretch that far. So I have worked on building one-man-band solutions which enable me to work independently where necessary.
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